Something Terrible Must Have Happened to This Shelter Dog to Make Her Scared to Go On Walks!


If only we knew the past history of shelter dogs,  we could better understand them and help them. On the other hand, maybe we are better off not knowing.  We might coddle them more than we should.  According to the dog trainer mentioned in this beautiful post by Elizabeth Claire Alberts at, we shouldn’t give them affection when they are afraid, but instead reward them only when they try getting through it, and make a little progress. See if this worked for Roxy.

Shelter Dog Was So Scared To Go On Walks, They Had To Carry Her Outside

The veterinary staff knew the pit bull was scared by the way she cowered in her kennel, keeping her head down. But they didn’t realize the extent of her fear until they tried taking her for a walk.
As soon as they hooked a leash onto her collar, the dog flattened herself on the floor, refusing to move. The staff actually had to carry her outside. The warm sunshine should have cheered her up, but she still didn’t perk up.
The terrified dog — who’d be named Roxy by her future family — had been picked up by animal control in downtown Los Angeles, after she was found hiding in the bushes. She was most likely abandoned and had been living on the streets for awhile. Whatever her story was, something had clearly traumatized her.
If Roxy had remained in the city pound, she probably would have been put down. Unfortunately, pit bulls tend to be the least adopted dogs, and over 200 pit bulls are euthanized every day in Los Angeles County alone.
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