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    Extremely Matted Hair Made It Difficult To Walk Until She Got A Makeover!

        This elderly dog had elderly parents and must have grown old together!  They all had some health issues too, which made it hard for Juliebean the dog to get the care ... Continue Reading →

    Beautiful Dreadlock Has Changed A Lot In 4 Years Waiting For A Home And Finally Gets One!

        It’s a shame when a dog has to wait so long for a home, but hopefully it will be perfect for him and worth the wait!  Hopefully he can live out his senior years ... Continue Reading →

    On One Dark Day At Dog Park, Shocking Incident Awoke Owner To Sad Reality He Had Forgotten!

        The couple in this story was so excited and happy about the dog they had found and decided to foster!  He was a joy to watch and admire, with his awkward legs and loving, ... Continue Reading →

    Cute and Playful Dog Was Happy Until One Day In The Morning He Couldn’t Move!

        A cute little dog at the shelter was happy and playful, till one morning when he just didn’t move at all.  They knew something was very wrong, because he was not ... Continue Reading →

    Toto Was Very Nervous and Scared As He Waited In The Surrender Line With His Owner At The Shelter!

        Most people adopt a pet as a part of their family and wouldn’t think of giving them up unless it were an emergency. But there are some people who don’t make ... Continue Reading →

    4 Year Old Dog Gets Disease That Paralyzes Hind Legs, And After Surgery Still Needed Help Walking!

        Sometimes unexpected health problems come along for people and animals alike, that we have no control over. When this happens, it’s easier to get through it when ... Continue Reading →

    Dog Along The Side Of Road Appeared Dead Until Woman Saw Her Lift Her Head!

        This is a heart wrenching story of a dog thrown out to die in a local dumping grounds for unwanted dogs.  Thankfully there is a rescue group who checks this area regularly ... Continue Reading →

    Living In Her Small Cage Was A Death Sentence For This Poor Doggie Had She Not Been Rescued!

        It’s pretty sad when someone would rather their dog stays in a cage to slowly die, than to let someone take her and help her to have a better life.  This was the ... Continue Reading →

    Mama Dog, Scared From Losing Her Home, and Scared Her Babies Will Be Taken From Her, Puts Them All In Danger!

        Poor Mama dog was surrendered just before birth of puppies.  She was likely still upset over loss of family and feeling very confused.  It would not be surprising then ... Continue Reading →