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    After 800 Days, When All Hope Of FInding His Dog Was Lost, He Got The Best Phone Call Of His Life, Saying His Dog Was Found!

        Most dogs do like to run and explore, but some go farther away from home than others, and usually unintentionally. They get distracted, like a child, and don’t pay ... Continue Reading →

    Sequel to ‘World’s Loneliest’ Shelter Dog Is ‘Freya’s Life As A Movie Star’!

        I remember feeling the sadness for this dog as I wrote about her  before, and now it’s a happy feeling to see her with new owner, director Michael Bay who decided ... Continue Reading →

    Finally Missy Will Get Training to Help 2 Special Needs Girls As A Service Dog, Now That She Is Returning Home After Being Stolen!

        The phone call about finding their lost dog was probably the best phone call they ever got!  Brenda Mahaffy was so excited to hear about their dog, and pretty tearful ... Continue Reading →

    Mom’s Best Friend and Daughter’s ‘Brother’ Needs Our Help To Recover After Being Hit By Car

        Serious injuries require a lot of medical attention and money to put everything back together again!  It happens so fast and your emotions are in high gear when you have ... Continue Reading →

    Mama Pit Bull Was Surrendered Sick, Pregnant, Lost All But Two Puppies, And Ended Up With Three!

        Mama Pittie was surrendered in sad physical condition and pregnant, according to this great post by Caitlin Jill Anders at thedodo.com.  He must have seen the puppies ... Continue Reading →
    begging-owner-to keep-him

    Owner Doesn’t Seem Affected By His Dog Nervous Efforts To Stay Close!

        Saying good-bye to your dog is for most people a very hard thing to do, and is normally done temporarily for a vacation or some other occasion.  These people understand ... Continue Reading →

    Emergency Help Needed For Sweet Puppy, Burned and Abandoned!

        Abandoning a puppy is bad enough, but setting him on fire first to injure him and leave him more helpless is just horrible and unthinkable!  It was obviously done by ... Continue Reading →

    Rescuing A Dog Will Change His Future And Yours, Though You Know Nothing Of His Past!

        Posted by familydoggies.com When you adopt a dog, you usually have no knowledge of his past.  It could have been abusive, or it could just be a lost dog that had no identification ... Continue Reading →

    Lost Dalmation Decided To Stop In At Fire Station and Make Himself At Home!

          Dogs get loose and run off from time to time, and they likely aren’t intending to run away from home permanently.  I think they just want to explore and ... Continue Reading →