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    Awesome Shelter, Paws Chicago, Has Stepped Up to Rescue Pets From LA Shelters To Make Room For More!

        Thanks to  for taking a trip to LA to rescue dogs and cats, and make room in the shelters there for more pets as they are found.  This is a huge help for the animal ... Continue Reading →

    I Was Stunned To Hear What Happened To This Little Deaf Dog One Day While Out Playing In The Yard With Pet Sitter Watching!

        Having a pet is like having a child and so we feel the same when something happens to one of them.  It’s especially difficult when the event is completely out of ... Continue Reading →

    Dog Who Works Against Poaching In South Africa Seriously Injures Leg But Can’t Wait To Get Back To Work!

        This story is about an amazing Belgian shephered who works to catch poachers in South Africa at a wildlife reserve.  He was an exceptional asset to the team there, and ... Continue Reading →

    More and More Animals Are Being Rescued As They Come Out of Hiding, But Where To Put Them Is The Huge Question!

        My heart and stomach feel sick when I think of all these animals needing help and how hard people are working, but the task seems so overwhelming from afar.  One huge ... Continue Reading →

    Social Media Rallies With Owner To Reclaim His Runaway Dog After Seeing Him With New Family!

        Social media has often been helpful in finding homes for needy rescued dogs, for collecting funds for medical bills, and just sharing stories. In this great post by urdogs.com ... Continue Reading →

    Good Samaritan Took Action To Save A Dying Puppy On The Road By Calling For Help!

        This poor puppy has had a poor experiene with life so far, and almost didn’t make it, but was fortunate to be rescued by a Good Samaritan as seen in this beautiful ... Continue Reading →

    Abandoned Weak Puppy Found By Side Of Road In Extreme Heat And Rescued In Time To Meet A Special Friend!

        It seems that it is pretty easy for us to fall in love with a puppy.  But we never know how other pets will respond to them and so we may or may not try.  In this story ... Continue Reading →

    Bulldog Left Outside Shelter In Tiny Cat Cage Overnight Suffered Greatly In Cramped Quarters!

        Try getting down on your hands and knees and don’t move for 12 hours straight.  Then you might know how the dog in this story felt.  She couldn’t move or ... Continue Reading →

    Bruno, the Wanderer, Became Everybody’s Friend, And Is Known As the Town Dog and Ambassador!

        The dog in this story has an unusual life style, which could be compared partially to that of a stray during the day. But it’s unique in that he has a home, but ... Continue Reading →